This is Sanvartis

Sanvartis was founded in 1999 as ‘GesundheitsScout24’ and started operations in Duisburg as one of the first telemedical centres. In November 2005, the Vendus Sales & Communication Group took over the company and renamed it Sanvartis. From that moment on its customer base and service portfolio were consistently expanded. In late 2014, we opened our second company site in Berlin. In September 2015, we were awarded a contract for operating Unabhängige Patientenberatung Deutschland (Independent Patient Counselling Germany, UPD).

In September 2016, the Sanvartis Group acquired shares in FLEXXSales GmbH in Berlin. With this move we expanded our sales competence with an experienced team of pharmacy technicians for training and sales support.

The heart of our company is our staff of more than 500 members.

Our staff members …

  • are medical consultants, pharmacy technicians and medical technical assistants, nurses, doctor’s assistants, pharmacists, alternative practitioners and ecotrophologists, qualified biologists and pharmaceutical representatives
  • possess excellent communication skills and medical competence
  • know from experience how to build trust
  • know how to assist patients and professionals and successfully navigate through the ‘system’ of the health sector

Our management team


Our mission statement


How are we organised?