Corporate Health Management (CHM)

The current health insurance company health reports reveal a common development: absence from work and work disability due to psychological illness continue to increase.
Comprehensive prevention as part of corporate health management (CHM) tackles this problem at the company as well as at an individual level. To this end Sanvartis, in collaboration with Scheelen AG, has included a new analysis tool from Scheelen AG in its CHM portfolio.

The innovative House of CHM model accompanies the participating company through a modular process which starts with the psychosocial RELIEF® risk assessment at the company level. In this first step anonymous employee data is collected by the company via a digital questionnaire. The list of questions concerning the risk assessment is based on scientific criteria and follows the pertinent guidelines.

House of CHM

The results of the analysis are provided to the company in the form of a straightforward report and make it possible to identify the areas where initial action should be taken.

The truly innovative element is in the way we proceed from here: following the company analysis, a deepening stress prevention analysis is performed at the staff level in a second step. This is done with an online-supported analysis tool which maps and subsequently thoroughly analyses an employee’s personal stress structure in an interpretation session with a certified and experienced coach. In this way the associates become familiar with their individual stress structure and are equipped with strategies to recognise and treat it.

The process: a combination of the RELIEF® analyses and subsequent coaching

Depending on the type of individual stress level, there are several alternatives regarding the follow-up treatment:
A flexible number of personal coaching sessions are conducted in response to medium or acute burnout risk. The number of sessions depends on the specific stress index. At the same time the work-life hotline is always available as an aid in the treatment of acute stress peaks. In addition, online coaching – with the support of the Sanvartis partner deprexis® – may assist in the process when needed.

Multichannel coaching and telephone support through the work-life line

Why House of CHM?

# Assessment of psychological risk including the proper documentation of the results in accordance with the law
# Identification of relevant spheres of action
# Derivation of suitable human resource and organisational development measures in order to:
... maintain the employees’ performance
... reduce periods of work disability
... maintain or increase the employees’ motivation
... affect the company’s image as an employer in a positive way