Health phone

Empowerment thanks to competent consultation

Our doctors and medical specialists assist your customers with all questions concerning health and sickness by dispensing competent advice round the clock. Receiving information and knowledge enables your customers to take decisions autonomously and on their own responsibility, even when dealing with complex medical issues.

Consultation portfolio health phone

Disease patterns and their symptoms

  • Information on diagnostic procedures / treatment options / alternative therapies
  • Suggestions on lifestyle changes and integrating the measures in everyday life
  • Second medical opinion  
  • Information on alternative medicine and naturopathic methods

Health and prevention

  • Consultation regarding prevention and aftercare when and in dealing with relevant diseases
  • Issues concerning physical strain and stamina, especially in the field of popular and endurance sports  
  • Nutrition counselling  
  • Counselling services for young mothers and their babies regarding medical issues before, during and post-pregnancy

Counselling on medications and vaccination

  • Information about medications
    • Explaining package inserts 
    • Side effects 
    • Contraindications and interactions 
  • Vaccination counselling (standard vaccinations)

Travel and tropical medicine

  • Information about countries 
  • Preventive medical examinations
  • Travel vaccinations

Information about medical and non-medical service providers

  • Contract hospitals and rehabilitation centres
  • Physicians and consultants / emergency medical service
  • Dentists
  • Pharmacies / emergency pharmacy service
  • Poison emergency centres
  • Non-medical practitioners
  • Psychotherapists
  • Healthcare providers (physiotherapy, ergo-therapy, logopaedia)

Here, we resort to our own – Germany’s largest – structure database.

Our experience speaks for our success!

  • Health phone since 2001
  • Approx. 100,000 queries annually
  • 15 satisfied customers

Attractive expansion modules

Medical queries via the ‘Online portal’ module

This expansion module allows your target group to conveniently submit its medical query anytime and anywhere.

Foreign-language doctors

We counsel your target group on medical issues in the following eight additional languages:









Determining fitting values added

Thanks to our own IT development we can select the most appropriate value from the client’s hundreds of values added and ‘pleasantly surprise’ the caller. We include individual customer-specific information in the services of our health phone. Our ‘JCall’ CRM software allows our medical staff to use all customer contacts in order to ‘surprise’ the callers by offering them values added to meet their specific needs in addition to the medical dialogue.

Campaign and special hotline for important health-related issues for a limited time

To complement the health phone, temporary or permanent campaign- and issue-related special hotlines can be implemented at short notice. Here, we distinguish between topical issues of heightened public awareness thanks to the press and other media (e.g. epidemics) and indication-specific contents of special relevance for individual target groups (e.g. intestinal cancer, pregnancy, etc.).

500 patient information leaflets (PILs) which laypeople can understand

We use patient information leaflets (PILs) to educate people about medical issues. Developed by our medical consultants, they contain readily comprehensible information on issues of general interest – disease patterns, examination techniques as well as topics that are difficult to explain orally.

What our customers have to say about us

Frank Scheelen, Chairman of the board SCHEELEN® AG, licensor RELIEF by SCHEELEN® stress prevention

"SCHEELEN®AG and our international customers value Sanvartis as strategic partner of the SCHEELEN® group with focus on management diagnostic and stress prevention for its high professionality and expertise in the joint consulting mandates. We are very keen on a sustainable longterm cooperation."