Nurse service

Personal patient contact ‘at home’

Does a patient (or relative) say he or she is not sure about how to apply a product? Or are there indications during the phone call that an on-site visit would be very helpful for the patient and his or her relatives in relation to the therapy? Then our nurses will be there within 48 hours.

We provide a nationwide nurse service for our customers in the health insurance, pharma industry and pharmacy sectors. It consists of 30 own nurses and a Germany-wide network of about 500 additional care and health counsellors.

An essential task of the nurse service is calling on patients at their home and assisting them with the actual application of the medication (e.g. injection) – regardless of which target group they belong to and what indication they are dealing with. In addition, fall prevention, care counselling and instruction in technical devices are also part of our service range.