Our management team

Robin Schaede, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Image: Robin Schaede, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Robin Schaede is the CFO of Sanvartis and in charge of the company’s business administration.

Before joining Sanvartis he held various positions in finances and controlling in the pharmaceutical industry in Germany and abroad for over 15 years, including that of CFO in foreign subsidiaries and business units of Grünenthal GmbH.

As CFO Mr Schaede is responsible for the sustainable corporate growth of Sanvartis. At the same time he places great importance on the efficient collaboration between the finance department and internal as well as external contacts so as to offer our clients the best service possible.

Jan Hermann, Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Image: Jan Hermann, Chief Information Officer (CIO)

As Chief Information Officer (CIO) Jan Hermann has been responsible for the whole IT department and its IT Business Services and Solutions since 2016.

Prior to joining Sanvartis he was Vice President at T-Systems and responsible for the Service Delivery Management EMEA. Before that Jan Hermann worked as management consultant at the „CPC Unternehmensberatung AG“ focussing on IT, Business Development and process excellence.

As CIO he is particularly keen to further develop the digitalization strategy of Sanvartis and puts emphasis on professional partner management.

Dr Andreas Bleiziffer, Medical Director

Image: Dr. Andreas Bleiziffer, Medical Director

Since 2017, Dr Andreas Bleiziffer is in charge of the areas Business Development, Medical Quality Management as well as our Key Account and Project Management, in his role as Sanvartis Medical Director.

After his MSc in biology in Düsseldorf, he did his PhD at the Centre of Reproductive Medicine at the University Hospital in Münster on epigenetic reasons for idiopathic infertility. Before joining Sanvartis, Andreas Bleiziffer worked for Healthcare Practice at McKinsey&Company for 5 years. Lately he lead the team of McKinsey Healthcare Analysts in Western Europe.

As Medical Director, Andreas Bleiziffer aims at continously developing the medical expertise of our employees and works on further developing our key products and services, based on the Sanvartis quality principles.

Katja Jansen, Director of Production

Image: Katja Jansen, Director of Production

Katja Jansen has been with the company since 2014 and served as director of production of Sanvartis since 2017. She is in charge of the operative areas (Health Service Centre, Telesales, Customer Service Centre and Nurse Service) as well as personnel deployment planning and site management.

After her university studies, the economist worked for a management consulting firm for seven years with a focus on healthcare. In 2014 she joined Sanvartis as a key account manager, designing, implementing and further developing patient support programmes for two years. She subsequently headed the medicine department for two years.

As director of production at Sanvartis she places special importance on creating a balance between market, company and staff requirements.

Bino Mathew, Director of Marketing & Sales

Image: Bino Mathew, Director of Marketing & Sales

Bino Mathew is director of marketing and sales at Sanvartis. He is responsible for marketing, sales and the strategic development of the digital product portfolio.

After completing his university studies of business administration Mr Mathew worked for Beiersdorf AG for 13 years. In the course of his career he held national as well as global positions in marketing and sales for that company’s umbrella brand, NIVEA. Most recently he was head of trade marketing pharmacy. Subsequently he successfully launched an innovative start-up company in the field of digital pharma marketing.

As director of marketing and sales it is important to him to advance digital services for the company’s clients to help patients.

Stefanie Zimmermann, Director Human Resources

Image: Stefanie Zimmermann, Director of Human Resources

Ms Zimmermann has been in charge of the human resources division of Sanvartis since 2012.

After completing her professional training and university studies she started her career with the E-Plus Mobilfunk Group, where she worked in all human resource departments over the course of 13 years.

As director of HR she pays special attention to the continuous further growth of the staff members in a professional environment that is becoming ever more digital. An additional focus is the further growth of our company’s healthcare management so as to ensure the best possible work climate, working conditions and work-life balance at Sanvartis.

Dr Siegfried Swoboda, Managing Director, Sanvartis Austria

Dr Siegfried Swoboda has been managing director of our national Sanvartis subsidiary in Austria since 2020.

The nutritionist, who holds a doctorate in food and biotechnology, has worked in various sectors of the pharmaceutical industry during the past 20 years. His areas of responsibility have ranged from sales to market access and through to serving as head of national and international business units. In his position he was in charge of building nurse services and patient care programmes in the field of Parkinson’s disease.

As managing director of Sanvartis Austria he is responsible for the entire service portfolio and local projects for our clients in Austria. Optimum client care and the continuous advancement of patient care programmes as well as multi-channel sales activities are a main focus of his work. It is important to him that client support always serve the overriding goal of helping patients in their difficult situation.