Patient care programmes

Together with us your patients accomplish important goals and gain better quality of life

How do I adjust my lifestyle to my disease? Do I even want to? And how am I supposed to manage that by myself? You know perfectly well, good intentions alone are often not enough. The initial motivation quickly fades and people lose track of their goal. Our targeted coaching, which takes the mechanisms of the human psyche into account, can achieve a great deal in this respect.
In our opinion, high medical competence is only part of the recipe for success – only a well-developed ability to empathise and psychological training in how to approach patients in ways that combine empathy and goal orientation ensure optimum results.
As a basis for this, trust and openness among coach and patient are of utmost importance. For this reason patient care is always handled by a health coach at Sanvartis who assists the patient in a one-on-one relationship throughout the coaching phase.
Every patient who is registered in our programme moreover needs care that is adjusted to his or her specific ‘ailment mix’ and personal life situation. Therefore, we take these individual factors into consideration and put together a customised programme for each participant based on our comprehensive module building kit. This concerns both the content as well as the intensity of the care to be provided. In this way we delight our patients, because for once the focus is really on them and their needs.

Who are our coaches?

All health coaches have completed three years of medical training and possess professional experience, e.g. as nurses, doctor’s assistants or pharmacy technicians. Additionally, the coaching staff members participate in a 62-hour internal training course as health coaches. This background enables the staff to successfully assist patients in changing lifestyle habits and during difficult phases of their disease. The training course is completed with a practical examination and must be retaken once a year.

Currently, we conduct patient care programmes in the following indications/areas:

Attention deficit disorder / other hyperkinetic disorders



Back pain

Diabetes mellitus (types 1 and 2)

Osteoporosis and secondary diseases

Bipolar affective disorders

Drug management

Parkinson’s and other basal ganglia diseases

Bronchial asthma

Emphysema / chronic obstructive bronchitis

Pregnancy (incl. complications)

Burn-out / dysthymia



Cardiac insufficiency

Family coach

Psychotic and personality disorders

Cardiac ischemia


Rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory connective tissue diseases

Chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD; Crohn’s disease / ulcerative colitis)

Metabolic syndrome

Smoking cessation




Dementia (programme for relatives)

Multiple sclerosis


pronova BKK, Volker Latz (Head of Health Division)

‘We developed our “proGero” dementia programme in collaboration with Sanvartis and have successfully conducted it since 2012. We particularly appreciate the medical product development and the high quality of the service in our everyday work.’