Pharma information

Reliable outsourcing – while remaining in control

This service is aimed at companies in the pharmaceutical sector and medical technology businesses.
In the context of this service we process all the medical-scientific and pharmaceutical matters submitted to you by patients and their relatives as well as doctors, pharmacies and sales reps by fax, email or post.

All queries are processed by staff members with the proper qualification according to Section 75 of the German Medicines Act.

Professional and competent handling of phone calls / the customer hotline

We accept your queries which are submitted via your company headquarters or specific hotlines and respond to them professionally. The queries are answered by Sanvartis staff according to an FAQ catalogue provided by the client and documented either on Sanvartis’ own system or one of the client’s. Queries which cannot be answered on the basis of the FAQ list are returned to the medical (2nd) level for a final response according to a forwarding procedure to be agreed upon with the client. Potential forms of forwarding are a) warm transfer (i.e. direct transfer of the phone call to a 2nd-level staff member) or b) transfer by email with an attached follow-up file.

Careful ADR control

Additionally, in the context of providing pharmaceutical information we also recognise, record and pass on messages concerning side effects as well as product complaints in accordance with legal provisions. We take special care in processing and documenting messages. Since 2009, we have recorded and processed AE and ADR messages. We define an individual automated ASE/ADR reporting process (incl. reconciliation) which is perfectly integrated in the customer’s process chains.

Orders and device management

We handle your order processing and device management. This includes receiving orders and sending information material plus products/devices. In the context of device management we take care of mandatory replacements and regular resupplies.

A ‘well-rounded’ concept saves money and improves quality

We can demonstrate in all projects that by outsourcing single or several jobs, companies save costs while, at the same time, achieving better quality when collaborating with Sanvartis.

You always stay in control of your projects

We regard ourselves as an ‘outsourced department’ of the client. Consequently you can review all project data at any time.
We make this possible with our ‘reporting manager’. You can have reports sent to you via the portal. Once the project-related content parameters, intervals and recipients have been entered, the reports are sent automatically.

Our experience speaks for our success!

  • Since 2008
  • More than 100,000 queries annually
  • 15 satisfied customers