Measuring – evaluating – responding

For many disease patterns, monitoring vital parameters in the home environment offers attractive options for comprehensive health management that improves the quality of life and keeps risk reliably in check.

Telemonitoring has moved past its infancy stage – mature technology, the spread of smartphones and wearables as well as verifiable successes make it a worthwhile choice. ‘Classic’ applications are currently the indications of heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetes and asthma.

Sensors record all disease-related physiological measurement parameters round the clock and automatically transfer them to our telemedical centre, which analyses and stores the data in an electronic patient file. When we notice a deviation, we promptly initiate appropriate measures.
Example of heart failure: monitoring the body weight, supplemented by transferring blood pressure and heart rate values, makes it possible to recognise a worsening of the condition early on and to intervene before the situation escalates.

Here, a special blood pressure measuring device and a digital scale are used. These devices transfer the measured patient values wirelessly to our telemedical centre. If certain threshold values are exceeded, our staff members step in and let the patient know right away, as well as his or her physician, if need be.
Our offering only supplements the treatment by the patient’s own doctor – it does not replace it. The medical decisions remain up to the attending physician. He or she can make very effective use of the measured data, which we provide fully as a source of information in order to optimise the therapy. We know that successful collaboration and acceptance of telemonitoring by the attending physician is important for the lasting success of our measures. Yet the patients can also check their values anytime they wish via an app.

We acquire the pertinent devices from renowned partners. All devices that we use are certified medical products.

All devices work with every patient – right away!

  • Simple installation and operation, the devices are immediately ready to be used (plug & play)
  • Fully automated data transfer
  • Transfer coded with SSL
  • Only the serial number, measured value and time of measurement are transferred
  • The devices and measured values are allocated to the insurants only when they arrive at Sanvartis

Telemonitoring is important but not an end in itself and typically serves ‘only’ as an interim step. In the course of our care for the patients, we empower them to monitor themselves, quickly recognise critical situations and confidently respond to them.