How are we organised?

We use various communication levels: from the Health Service Centre to the Customer Service Centre, Nurse service, Telesales and through to medical experts.

The different levels form a network which allows us to conduct seamless, efficient and high-quality dialogues with your target group.

Health Service Centre

Our counsellors in the Health Service Centre have a professional medical background (three-year medical training). They include nurses, pharmacy technicians, medical technical assistants, doctor’s and dentist’s assistants as well as ecotrophologists. Additionally, all health coaches complete several weeks of training (62 h) to assist patients in changing lifestyle habits in the context of care programmes. This ensures maximum counselling quality during every medical interview.

Medical experts

Our team of doctors from all special fields and pharmacists represents maximum professional competence – both in terms of support with the concept development of customer projects and of direct dealings with patients, physicians and pharmacists.

Nurse service

Sanvartis has a nationwide nurse service. Consequently, we have a network of some 500 additional nurse and health counsellors available plus a team of 30 own nurses for the supplementary on-site care of patients and their relatives. We employ them nationwide in the context of care management projects.


Our telesales staff consists of university-degree biologists and chemists, certified medical representatives and medical expert personnel with the qualifications set forth in Section 75 of the German Medicines Act. Our experts for telesales and multichannel campaigns possess high professional medical competence and feel very comfortable in sales. In addition, all staff members have successfully completed training in conversational psychology.

Customer Service Centre

Our Customer Service Centre staff members have undergone medical, medical-technical and sales training. Here, we make service phone calls for our customers, handle back office tasks, prioritise incoming calls and transfer them to professional teams or our client when necessary. All employees have at least the qualification defined in Section 50 of the German Medicines Act and/or Section 31 of the Medical Devices Act.