Medical consultant appointment service

Medical consultant appointment service
Getting a quick appointment with a medical consultant

With our premium appointment service, we assist insurants and patients in making appointments with doctors and hospital ambulances. Our competent staff members make new appointments or change ones already made.

The premium appointment service comprises:

  • Accepting preferred appointment dates and times
  • Selecting medical consultants who meet the patient’s criteria
  • Notification (concerning an appointment) to patients within 48 hours
    (by phone, email or text, as the customer prefers)
  • The patient receives an email or text message reminder on the day of the appointment

Why is our appointment service ‘premium’?

Because when making appointments we strictly and exclusively consider the individual wishes and requirements of the caller. He or she determines, for instance, whether an appointment is to be made with a specific doctor or a surgery to be selected by Sanvartis. He or she chooses the desired distance from a specified place (residence, workplace), whether the doctor can be reached via public transportation, areas of specialisation or a combination of different criteria.

The most comprehensive and up-to-date database nationwide

To research suitable surgeries, Sanvartis has the most comprehensive and up-to-date national database available with a listing of all physicians, psychotherapists and hospital ambulances in Germany who are service providers as defined in chapter four of the German Social Code Book V.

Our experience speaks for our success!

  • Premium medical consultant appointment service since 2009
  • 80,000 queries annually
  • Over 150,000 physician contacts per year
  •  Over 52,000 appointments annually

Attractive expansion modules

  • ‘Psych appointments’: Additionally, we offer appointment services for psychotherapies and psychotherapy treatments by neurologist and psychiatrists. These ‘psych appointments’ are handled by a separate team with ‘psych experience’ to ensure an optimum success rate.
    The success rate is consistently higher than 80%. The patients’ waiting time can be verifiably reduced by about 50%.

  • ‘Online appointment service’ module: Your target group can conveniently tell us to make a doctor’s appointment by completing a smart and interactive online questionnaire at any time of day. The module can be integrated in your CI on your website.

  • Expanding the service times: We will be pleased to expand the standard service times (Monday to Friday 7 a.m.–8 p.m.) into a ‘round the clock’ service. This allows insurants to place their appointment requests by phone 24/7.

What our customers have to say about us

Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Niedersachsen, Jens-Ove Drechsler (Business Unit Manager Accounting Centre)

'We are operating the appointment service for specialist physicians since March 2017 jointly with Sanvartis. The preparation of this project was highly successful and lead to a smooth start. After the first month, an unpredictable high rise in the volume of calls - though our preparations have been really precise - hit us.  The handling of these external and unexpectable disruptions has been and still is highly professional.'