A pioneer in Germany – the twice-certified quality management of Sanvartis

Sanvartis is the first Service Center with health focus in Germany, with a successful acquisition and permanent ownership of two certificates in quality management.
There are regular audits according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and the specialized service center certificate DIN EN ISO 18295-1. The second norm has a special importance as it implicates detailed requirements for an optimum client satisfaction.

What does this mean for our clients?

In terms of process

  • With our QM manual, the procedural and work instructions, the process descriptions and manuals, we ensure continuous transparency and traceability of the service you ordered

In terms of medicine

  • Standards for medical contents, regular referrals to medical consultants, checking and updating
  • Making sure that content is in conformance with official requirements, the guidelines of professional associations and current findings

In terms of communication

  • High training, education and test standards in the areas of coaching, communication and medicine guarantee that our staff is continuously and systematically trained and sponsored


Sanvartis’ guiding principle concerning quality

Quality is our brand

Sanvartis is a leading partner for telehealth and represents innovative concepts in the areas of supply management and medical communication.

We combine medical knowledge and profitability with quality of life for the patients. We listen, counsel and help. Round the clock.

In this effort, we integrate and use our experience in all areas of the healthcare sector in joint projects, creating added value for our clients and their patients.

Our goal is to surpass our clients’, partners’ and staff members’ expectations and generate transparency for them. When collaborating with our clients we respond flexibly to their needs.

Requirements for quality

We achieve our level of quality by rigorously directing the way we think, our planning activities and our actions towards the needs and objectives of our clients. As a consequence of this focus, we understand our customers’ work environment and proactively employ our knowledge in our client consultations.

For us, quality means directing everything we do towards achieving effective solutions for our clients. To this end, our top priority is zooming in on the results and added values which our clients gain through our services.

All of this rests on a basic attitude of openness and understanding and on our constant reliability and transparency in word and deed.

Quality assurance through constant evaluation and improvement

We assure quality by way of a process of constant evaluation and improvement of our services, in all areas.

Our quality management is geared towards proactively avoiding mistakes, because every mistake costs time and money. To achieve this we foster a culture of openness and a positive way of dealing with mistakes, which we consider to be opportunities for learning.

We use a system of key figures which continuously, precisely and transparently shows us the quality we have achieved and draws our attention to specific points which still have room for improvement.

Education and advanced training of our staff and a continuous improvement process are the foundation of our quality.

Quality – a joint company task

Our quality is the result of the everyday work of each of our staff members. It is a product of collaboration, both in-house and in exchange with our project partners. Each employee actively contributes to the improvement of our procedures and products.

Responsibility for our quality lies with every Sanvartis employee.
Quality concerns everyone and starts with one’s personal actions.

We are constantly developing our quality of service further for you.
Sanvartis ist corporate member of the German society for quality (DGQ).