What our staff members have to say

David Dürrschmid, Head of Project Setup & Operations

David Dürrschmid started out at Sanvartis in 2007 as a key account manager. Prior to that, while studying biology and later on economics, he also sidelined as a call agent in the call centre sector, which was beginning to develop in the 1990s.

After completing his studies he trained as a direct marketing consultant with a large logistics company and subsequently was an account manager for a US call centre company for almost seven years. Afterwards he joined a pharmaceutical company in the pain, dementia and pulmonology sectors, serving as a sales representative for medical consultants and API for two and a half years before his ideal combination of pharmaceutical knowledge, service centres and biology brought him to Sanvartis.

‘Looking back on the past ten years, I do not regret my decision to move to Sanvartis. Things never get boring – the issues I deal with are challenging and exciting; working with my colleagues as part of a team is fun.’

Christine Gaida, Key Account Manager

Christine Gaida

Christine Gaida joined Sanvartis in 2014 as project manager after earning her master’s degree. In her position, she specialised in the development and support of patient programmes. During the past three years her focus has been the further development of new programme elements, the integration of digital services and the generation of new business models for pharmaceutical projects.

She contributes profound know-how concerning the entire pharma market which in her current position as a Key Account Manager she primarily applies in sales for new projects and cooperation arrangements.

‘I like the challenge of designing patient programmes in a way that offers genuine added value for the patients while, at the same time, meeting the objectives of our clients. Things are really moving right now in the healthcare market, and being actively involved in shaping it is exciting.’

Anika Buschmann, Project Director TeleSales

Anika Buschmann began her career at Sanvartis as a member of the Customer Service Centre (CSC) staff while still a biology student. After a few months she became a coach and also worked in complaints management and as a mentor. Two years later she successfully applied for the job of project manager, in which position she specialises in telesales projects.

‘When I started out at Sanvartis in 2008, I never would have dreamed of having this career. I am really thrilled that Sanvartis has offered me so many growth opportunities.’

Petra Muth, Counsellor in the Customer Service Centre

‘I enjoy working at Sanvartis as a telephone agent, because it is interesting, diverse and gratifying work that provides a service to our clients and their customers. And because we have the best colleagues and supervisors.’

Melanie Dömski, Counsellor in the Customer Service Centre

‘I am 42 years old, married and a mother of three, and have been an employee of Sanvartis GmbH since 2012. Since 2013 I have worked as a mentor. I take great pleasure in my job. It feels good to be working for Sanvartis, because people here always have an open ear and I really appreciate that the team is like a family.’

Agatha von Calle, Counsellor in the Health Service Centre

‘I have worked for Sanvartis GmbH since July 2000, ever since it was founded. Therefore I have had the chance to witness how the company has kept developing. I have not learned as much with any other employer, especially since I was also given the chance to complete training as a medical representative here. I work in the demand segment in the fields of odontology and ENT. As a health coach I also assist patients with chronic diseases. I especially want to point out the work climate: it’s one for all, all for one.’

Tanja Blumenrath, Counsellor in the Health Service Centre

‘I started working for Sanvartis in October 2005 as a medical assistant. In the meantime I have become a mother and was happy to return after my parental leave. Sanvartis can be beautifully combined with my family. Many thanks!’